Carlos, or as we call him, "The Water Man" is the most honest and skilled water filtration expert in the Los Angeles area. Clean water is the best thing I could of did for my family. Thanks American Best Filter and co..

John Parker

As you slogan states, Life doesn't exist without water. In today’s world, water filtration is unfortunately necessary due to all the pollutants in our water system. Mery and her crew are experts is this field! They what works best. See them before anyone else. Save time, money and frustration.

Barbara Sand

I have purchased a Berkey water filter and two shower filters from the American Best Filter Inc store, and have referred numerous family and friends, all of which have had wonderful experiences! Mery has absolutely bent over backwards to accommodate my many questions, and has worked tirelessly to provide myself, my family, and friends with quality products at the best prices available. I am getting a whole-house system for thousands less than the cheapest option I've found commercially (at Costco!). I’ve experienced zero pressure or deceptive practices, quite the opposite!! I have absolutely nothing but wonderful thing to say about the these guys. I thank you. My family thanks you.

Steven Kindle

Dan is a real water expert! His knowledge of the products and how the clean water impacts our family was very impressive. I highly recommend Mery and American Best!

Maria McLuhan

Call us via (323) 202-9169 or visit us at 345 W. Foothill blvd Ste 5, Glendora, CA 91741
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