1160 PSI Cordless Electric Pressure Washer


From cleaning the cars to cleaning grounds cordless pressure washer with battery powered is designed for versatile functional and practical usage in a convenient way.

The pressure washer has a high flow rate of 1.5 GMP and max pressure 1160 PSI along with several included accessories. it can easily spray and scrape away grit and grime with the power of pressurized water jets . The top-loading detachable bucket design fills quickly with fresh water or can be connected for continuous use with a garden hose. besides self-priming pump provide you more ways to cleaning The 2000mAh battery capacity can make the pressure washer work lasting. The base unit can be stored in water tank and it is convenient for move with portable design of universal wheels and trolley handle. Thanks to this versatile design you may get the job done easier and more convenient.

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